Trusted Debt Collection and Contract Litigation

A reputable attorney in Palermo, New Jersey, William E. Brewer, Attorney at Law knows the ins and outs of contract litigation and debt collection laws. Allow him to put his extensive experience and knowledge to work for you.

Personalized Service for Every Individual

Under the FDCPA Act, debt collectors (excluding casinos in New Jersey) are prohibited from contacting you at unusual times. However, they can contact you at any time from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. No two debt collection cases are exactly the same. Attorney Brewer will work with you to determine which route is best concerning your case.

Contractual Disputes

Contract disputes and broken contracts happen all too often, making legal battles inevitable. Backed by many years of experience in contract litigation law, attorney Brewer will help you litigate or settle the matter favorably.
DWI - Lawyer Notary Certification in Ocean View, NJ

Municipal Matters

Previously a public defender for the Upper/Dennis Township Court, attorney William E. Brewer has constant contact with prosecutors and judges. He can handle DWI and driving while license suspended matters effectively. Turn to him for legal services—you'll be glad you did.
Contact attorney William E. Brewer to handle your contract litigation matter for you.